God of Love

In India the God of Love is Kama or Kamadeva who appears in five forms: 1) as kAma or Kamaraja 2) as Manmatha he is the mind-disturber; 3) as Mara, the wounder; 4) as Madan, he who makes one love-drunk 5) as Pradyumna he is the all-conqueror. Cited from Website Divinities The source of the God of Love is multiple: 1) Sometimes he has the same name as Brahma or Vishnu: e.g. baharUpa 2) Mind-Born - manoja 3) Bodiless - ananga 4) LAksmI - I 4) Sri - zrIja 5) Body -Born -dehaja 6) Born from Water - iraja 7 Heart Born -bhAvaja In India, the planet Venus = Shukra = male In the West Kama becomes: Eros Cupid

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