Vidura vidura mfn. knowing , wise , intelligent , skilled in (comp.) m. a learned or clever man an intriguer N. of the younger brother of Dhrita-rashtra and Pandu (they were all three sons of Vyasa , but only the latter two by the two widows of Vicitra-virya ; when Vyasa wanted a third son , the elder widow sent him one of her slave-girls , dressed in her own clothes , and this girl became the mother of Vidura , who is sometimes called Kshattri , as if he were the son of a Kshatriya man and Sudra woman Vidura is described as {sarva-buddhimatAMvaraH} and is one of the wisest characters in the Maha-bharata , always ready with good advice both for his nephews , the Pandavas , and for his brother Dhrita-rashtra)