zikhara mfn. pointed , spiked , crested point , peak (of a mountain) top or summit (of a tree) edge or point (of a sword) , end , pinnacle , turret , spire erection of the hair of the body the arm-pit a ruby-like gem (of a bright red colour said to resemble ripe pomegranate seed) (?) the bud of the Arabian jasmine (cf. {-dazanA}) N. of a mythical weapon ({astra}) m. a partic. position of the fingers of the hand N. of a man ({A}) f. Sanseviera Roxburghiana (a plant from the fibres of which bow-strings are made) N. of a partic. mythical club ({gadA}) ({I}) f. id. R. (B.) ; = {karkaTa-zRGgI} n. cloves

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