Brahmi Brahmi is considered the wife or the sister of Brahma. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary brAhmI f. (of {brAhma} q.v.) the Sakti or personified energy of Brahma (regarded as one of the 8 Matris or divine mothers of created beings ; in MBh. ix , 2655 they are said to attend Skanda) speech or the goddess of speech (= Sarasvati) N. of Durga Devi ; the wife of a Brahman W. ; (in music) N. of a Murchana Samgit. a religious practice , pious usage ({-myA} ind. according to pious usage) R. ; a woman married according to the Brahma rite (cf. {-putra}) , the constellation Rohini L. a female fish or frog a species of ant L. ; N. of various plants (Clerodendrum Siphonantus , Ruta Graveolens , Enhydra Hingcha &c.) a kind of brass N. of a river Satr. ; (with{saMhitA}) N. of wk.