Phala Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary phala n. (ifc. f. {A} or {I}) fruit (esp. of trees) the kernel or seed of a fruit a nutmeg the 3 myrobalans (= {tri-phalA} q.v.) the menstrual discharge L. (cf. {puSpa}) fruit (met.) , consequence , effect , result , retribution (good or bad) , gain or loss , reward or punishment , advantage or disadvantage benefit , enjoyment compensation (in rhet.) the issue or end of an action (in math.) the result of a calculation , product or quotient corrective equation area or superficial contents of a figure interest on capital the third term in a rule of three sum i a gift , donation a gaming board [cf. Goth. {spilda} ; Icel. {spjald}]; a blade (of a sword or knife) the point of an arrow a shield a ploughshare (= {phAla}) a point or spot on a die m. Wrightia Antidysenterica ({A}) f. a species of plant Car. ; w.r. for {tula} ({I}) f. Aglaia Odorata a kind of fish (= {phali})L. 2 phAla m. (or n. L.) a ploughshare a kind of hoe or shovel a bunch or bundle a nosegay a jump the core of a citron N. of Siva of Bala-rama n. a garment of cotton a ploughed field ; = (or w.r. for) {bhAla} , the forehead . ; mf({I})n. made of cotton .

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