Visa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary viSa m. a servant , attendant N. of a Sadhya (cf. {dur-v-}) ; ({viSa}) n. ifc. f. {A}) , anything active poison , venom , bane , anything actively pernicious a partic. vegetable poison (= {vatsa-nAbha}) water a mystical N. of the sound {m} gum-myrrh the fibres attached to the stalk of the lotus (see {bisa}) ({A}) f. a kind of aconite a tree (commonly called Atis , its bark is used as a red dye = 3. {viS} , feces (cf. {vIta-viSa}) ; mf({A} n. poisonous [Cf. Gk. $ for; Lat. {virus}.] 2 viSA ind.= {buddhi} (for {viSA} f. see under {viSa} 3 vIsa n. a kind of dance

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