bhUmi f. (Ved. also nom. {bhUmI} gen. abl. {-myAs} loc.{-myAm}) the earth , soil , ground (pl. divisions of the world ; cf. {bhUmi-traya}) a territory. country , district a place , situation a position , posture , attitude the part or personification (played by an actor) the , floor of a house , story the area Sulbas. the base of any geometrical figure (metaph.) a step , degree , stage Yogas. (with Buddhists there are 10 or 13 stages of existence or perfection extent , limit (ifc.) a matter , subject , object , receptacle i.e. fit object or person for (cf. {vizvAsa-} , {sneha-bh-} &c. , and {pAtra} , {bhAjana}) the tongue m. N. of a son or grandson of Yuyudhana and father of Yugamdhara This is combined with Putra to produce Bhumiputra, one of the names of Mars.

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