nIla Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mf({A} or {I} n. of a dark colour , (esp.) dark-blue or dark-green or black dyed with indigo m. the sapphire L. (with {maNi} the Indian fig-tree (= {vaTa}) = {nIla-vRkSa} a species of bird the blue or hill Maina an ox or bull of a dark colour one of the 9 Nidhis or divine treasures of Kubera N. of a man {tikAdi} of the prince of Mahishmati of a son of Yadu of a son of Aja-midha of a son of Bhuvana-raja of an historian of Kasmira of sev. authors (also {-bhaTTa}) N. of Manjusri of a Naga of one of the monkey-chiefs attending on Rama (said to be a son of Agni) of the mountain Nila or the blue mountain (immediately north of Ilavrita or the central division cf. {nIlAdri}) ({A}) f. the indigo plant (Indigofera Tinctoria) (cf. {nIlI}) ; a species of Boerhavia with blue blossoms black cumin a species of blue fly the two arteries in front of the neck a black and blue mark on the skin N. of a goddess (in music) of a Ragini (personified as wife of Mallara) of a river (v.l. {nAlA}) ({I}) f. the indigo plant or dye Blyxa Octandra. a species of blue fly a kind of disease N. of the wife of Aja-midha (v.l. {nainI} and {nIlinI}) ; n. dark (the colour) , darkness T any dark substance = {tAlI-pattra} and tAlIza} indigo black salt blue vitriol antimony poison a partic. position in dancing a kind of metre

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