Janaka janaka Cologne Snaksrit Dictionary mfn. generative , generating , begetting , producing , causing (chiefly ifc.) m. a progenitor , father (in music) a kind of measure ; (oxyt.) N. of a king of Videha or Mithila (son of Mithi and father of Udavasu of another king of Mithila (son of Hrasva-roman and father of Sita1 of another king of a disciple of Bhagavat of several official men pl. the descendants of Janaka {ikA}) f. (as in Pali) a mother a daughter-in-law 10 jAnaka 1 m. (fr. {janaka}) patr. of Kratu-vid of Ayasthuna (also {-ki}) {I}) f. patr. of Sita a metre of 4 X 24 syllables. 11 jAnaka 2 m. ( {jJA}) knower (a Buddha) pl. the Buddhists