3 Sheaths of the Soul

Koza: in Vedanta phil.) a term for the three sheaths or succession of cases which make up the various frames of the body enveloping the soul (these are , 1. the {Ananda-mayak-} or sheath of pleasure , forming the {kAraNa-zarIra} or causal frame ; 2. the {vijJAna-maya} or {buddhi-m-} or {mano-m-} or {prANa-m-k- , the sheath of intellect or will or life , forming the {sUkSma-zarIra} or subtile frame ; 3. the {anna-m-k-} , the sheath of nourishment , forming the {sthUla-zarIra} or gross frame ). Causal Frame, Subtle Frame, Gross Frame Ananda-mayak, vijJAna-maya, anna-mayak