Caraka caraka m. a wanderer , wandering religious student a spy a kind of ascetic a kind of medicinal plant of a Muni and physician (the Serpent-king Sesha , who was the recipient of the Ayur-veda ; once on visiting the earth and finding it full of sickness he became moved with pity and determined to become incarnate as the son of a Muni for alleviating disease ; he was called Caraka because he had visited the earth as a kind of spy or {cara} ; he then composed a new book on medicine , based on older works of Agni-vesa and other pupils of Atreya Bhpr.) N. of a lexicographer N. of a branch of the black Yajur-veda (the practises and rites-enjoined by which are different in some respects from those in SBr.) f. a kind of venomous fish N. of an evil spirit 2 cAraka mfn. ifc. proceeding ( {car} , Caus.) setting in motion composed by Caraka a spy ({car} a driver , herdsman (cf. {go-}) = {bhojaka} ; an associate , companion ({saMcAraka}) a fetter a prison Buchanania latifolia L. ; ({ikA}) f. a female attendant see {antaHpura-} ; journey (of Buddha) ; a cock-roach.

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