This lake had itself been purified in times of yore by the body of Uma herself. When the demon Bhasmasura was threatening to put his hand on Lord Siva and destroy Him , Siva disappeared and in the agony of that disappearance, Uma split her body into thousand pieces which fell down in this very lake. This was why this lake of Sara grass had divine strength to receive Siva’s seed. Again in times of yore there was a boy who had seen the torture that the divines suffered under the hands of the demon Taraka. So he did a fierce penance for the purpose of vanquishing Tarakasura and he offered his own body to his sacrificial fire. He was later born as Sanatkumara, out of Brahma’s will. This Sanatkumara taught the supreme wisdom to Narada. In Chandogya Upanishad he is identified with Skanda. http://www.geocities.com/profvk/gohitvip/1201.html

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