lAGgala n. (cf. {lag} and {laGg}) a plough a kind of pole used in gathering fruit from a tree a plough-shaped beam or timber (used in the construction of a house) a partic. appearance presented by the moon the palm tree a kind of flower membrum virile (cf. {lAGgUla}) ({I}) f. N. of various plants Pan5car. Susr. (accord. to L. Jussiaea Repens ; Hemionitis Cordifolia ; Rubia Munjista ; Hedysarum Lagopodioides ; the cocoa-nut tree ; = {rAsnA}) of a rive m. a kind of rice N. of a son of Suddhoda and grandson of Sakya pl. N. of a school SamhUp. of a people (v.l. for {jAGgala}).

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