Puru Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mf({pUrvI})n. ( {pRR}) much , many , abundant (only {purU} {-rUNi} , {-rUNAm} and sev. cases of f. {pUrvI} ; in later language only ibc.) ({-ru}. much , often , very [also with a compar. or superl.] ; with {simA} , everywhere ; with {tiras} , far off , from afar {purAru} , far and wide {puruvizva} , one and all , every m. the pollen of a flower heaven , paradise (cf. {pUru}) N. of a prince (the son of Yayati and Sarmishtha and sixth monarch of the lunar race) of a son of Vasu-deva and Saha-deva of a son of Madhu of a son of Manu Cakshusha and Nadvala [Cf. Old Pers. {paru} ; Gk. $ ; Goth. {filu} ; Angl. Sax. {ftolu} ; Germ. {viel}.] 2 purU in comp. for {-ru}. 3 pUru m. (orig.= {puru} , and connected with {puruSa} , {pUrvSa}) a man , people. N. of a tribe (associated with the Yadus , Turvasas , Druhyus) of a class of demons of an ancient prince (the son of Yayati and Sarmishtha) of a descendant of Atri and author of RV. v , 16 ; 17 RAnukr. of a son of Manu and Nadvala of a son of Jahnu

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