Agasti agasti m. (according to Un2. iv , 179 fr. 2. {a-ga} a mountain , and {asti} , thrower 2. {as}). N. of a Rishi (author of several Vedic hymns ; said to have been the son of both Mitra and Varuna by Urvasi ; to have been born in a water-jar ; to have been of short stature ; to have swallowed the ocean , and compelled the Vindhya mountains to prostrate themselves before him ; to have conquered and civilized the South ; to have written on medicine the star Canopus (of which Agastya is the regent , said to be the cleanser of water, because of turbid waters becoming clean at its rising Agasti Grandiflora [also {-dru} f. L.] {ayas}) m. pl. the descendants of Agastya ({I}) f. a female descendant of Agastya