Zubha Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary zubha mf({A})n. splendid , bright , beautiful , handsome (often f. voc , {zubhe} , fair one! in addressing a beautiful woman) pleasant , agreeable , suitable , fit , capable , useful , good (applied to persons and things) ib. ; auspicious , fortunate , prosperous ib. ; good (in moral sense) , righteous , virtuous , honest; pure (as an action) eminent , distinguished W. ; learned , versed in the Vedas m. water the Phenila tree (Sapindus Detergens) hegoat L. (prob. for {stubha}) the 23rd of the astrol Yogas. N. of a man (cf. g. {tikAdi}) of a son of Dharma of an author (also {A} f.) a city floating in the sky (cf. {zaubha} = {vyomacAri-pura}) ({A}) f. (only L.) light , lustre , splendour , beauty ; desire Prosopis Spicigera or Mimosa Suma ; white Durva grass ; = {priyaGgu} ; bamboo manna a cow the yellow pigment Gorocana an assembly of the gods a kind of metre N. of a female friend and companion of the goddess Uma ; ({am}) n. anything bright or beautiful &c. ; beauty , charm , good fortune , auspiciousness , happiness , bliss , welfare , prosperity benefit , service , good or virtuous action the wood of Cerasus Puddum .