Yava yava 1 m. the first half of a month (generally in pl. ; accord. to Comn. = {pUrva-pakSAH} ; also written {yAva}) 2 yava 2 mfn. (1. {yu}) warding off , averting 3 yava 3 m. barley (in the earliest times , prob. any grain or corn yielding flour or meal ; pl. barley-corns) a barley-corn (either as a measure of length = 1/6 or 1/8 of an Angula or as a weight= 6 or 12 mustard seeds= 1/2 Gunja1 any grain of seed or seed corn (in palmistry) a figure or mark on the hand resembling a barley-corn (supposed to indicate good fortune) N. of a partic. astron. Yoga (when the favourable planets are situated in the 4th and 10th mansions and the unfavourable ones in the 1st and 7th) speed , velocity W. (prob. w.r. for {java}) ; a double convex lens i [Cf. Zd. {yava} ; Gk.; Lith. {javai}.] 4 yAva 1 m. = 1. {yava} TS. 5 yAva 2 mf({I})n. (fr. 3. {yava} , of which it is also the Vriddhi form in comp.) relating to or consisting of or prepared from barley m. a kind of food prepared from barley L. ; ({I}) f. Andro graphis Paniculata L. 6 yAva 3 m. lac or the red dye prepared from the cochineal insect