Devaka the younger brother of King Ugrasena of Mathura. devaka mf({ikA})n. who or what sports or plays divine , celestial m. ({div-}) a god , deity (cf. {daivaka}) N. of a man (?) of a Gandharva (at once a prince , son of Ahuka and father of Devaki[of a son of Yudhi-shthira and Yaudheyi or Pauravi (cf. {-vikA} below). ; familiar N. for {deva-dattaka} pl. N. of the Sudras in Kraunca-dvipa ({A}) f. fam. for {deva-dattikA} {devikA}) f. N. of a class of goddesses of an inferior order Br. (pl. the oblations made to them , viz. to Anu-mati , Raka1 , Sinivali1 , Kuhu , and to Dhatri TS. ; cf. {-havis} of the wife of Yudhishthira and mother of Yaudheya MBh. of a river {dAvika}) ; of a country the thorn-apple Bhpr. ; ({devakI}) f. see below

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