Sara 1 sAra m. or n. (?) salts of iron L. 2 sara mf({A})n. (fr. {sR}) fluid , liquid VS. ; cathartic , purgative , laxative going , moving &c. (cf. {anu-} , {abhi-} , {puraH-s-}) m. going , motion L. ; a cord , string (cf. {prati-} , {maNi-} , {muktA-maNi-} , and {mauktika-s-}) a short vowel (in prosody) salt N. of Vayu or the wind a waterfall often v.l. or w.r. for {zara} (also in comp. {sara-ja} &c. for {zaraja} ; {A}) f. moving or wandering about a brook a cascade , waterfal Paederia Foetida ({I}) f. a cascade (cf. {sari}) a lake , pool (also irregularly in comp. for {saras}) milk. 3 sAra 1 (fr. {sR}) m. course , motion (see {pUrva-s-}) stretching out , extension Ka1lac. ; mfn. driving away , destroying Ba1lar. ii , 60/61 4 sAra 2 m. n. (ifc. f. {A} ; perhaps to be connected with 1. {sAra} above ; prob. fr. a lost root meaning. to be strong) the core or pith or solid interior of anything firmness , strength power , energy the substance or essence or marrow or cream or heart or essential part of anything , best part , quintessence (ifc. = chiefly consisting of or depending on &c. [cf.{para}] e.g. {dharma-sAraMjagat} the world chiefly depends on justice ; {tUSNIM-sAra} mfn. chiefly silent; {sAratsAram} the very best) the real meaning , main point a compendium , summary , epitome (often ifc. in titles of books) ; a chief ingredient or constituent part of the body (causing the peculiarities of temperament ; reckoned to be 7 , viz. {sattva} , {zukra} , {majjan} , {asthi} ,{medas} , {mAMsa} , {rakta}) any ingredient nectar ; cream , curds worth , value ({eNa} , in consideration of. , according to ) wealth , property , goods , riches a kind of climax ({uttarottaramutkarSaH} resin used as a perfume water dung the matter formed in a boil or ulcer , pus impure carbonate of soda a confederate prince , ally VarBr2S. ; (= 1. {zAra}) a piece at chess or backgammon &c. ; (%{A}) f. a kind of plant( = {kriSNa-trivRtA}) L. Kusa grass L. ; ({I}) f. see under {sAri} and {sArI} mf({A})n. hard , firm solid strong precious , valuable good , sound , best , excellent sound (as an argument , thoroughly proved) full of (instr.) motley , speckled (= {zAra}) 5 sAra 3 mfn. having spokes S3ulbas.