Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary zara m. (fr. {zrI} to rend or destroy a sort of reed or grass , Saccharum Sara (used for arrows) RV an arrow , shaft N. of the number five (from the 5 arrows of the god of love) (in astron.) the versed sine of an arc (accord. to Aryabh. also the whole diameter with subtraction of the versed sine) a partic. configuration of stars (when all the planets are in the 4tb , 5th , 6th , and 7th houses) the upper part of cream or slightly curdled milk (v.l. {sara}) mischief , injury , hurt , a wound W. ; N. of a son of Ricatka of an Asura {zuka}) ; ({I}) f. Typha Angustifolia n. water (see {zara-vara} and {-Sin}) 2 zAra 1 mf({A})n. (in most meanings also written {sAra} ; of doubtful derivation) variegated in colour , of different colours (as dark hair mixed with grey) , motley , spotted , speckled yellow m. variegating or a variegated colour , (esp.) a mixture of blue and yellow , green ib. (also {zAraka}) a kind of die or a piece used at chess or at backgammon air , wind hurting , injuring (fr. {zRR}) ({I}) f. a chessman &c. (see m.) a kind of bird (= {zAri}) Kusa grass n. a variegated colour 3 zAra 2 Vriddhi form of {zara} , in comp.