madhu Cologne Snaksrit Dictionary: mf({U8} or {vI})n. (gen. n. Ved. {madhvas} , {madhos} , or {madhunas} ; instr. %{madhvA} ; dat. {madhune} ; loc. %{madhau}) sweet , delicious , pleasant , charming , delightful bitter or pungent m. N. of the first month of the year (= Caitra , March-April) the season of spring Bassia Latifolia L Jonesia Asoka liquorice N. of Siva MBh. two Asuras (the one killed by Vishnu , the other by Satru-ghna) of one of the 7 sages under Manu Cakshusha of a son of the third Manu of various princes (of a son of Vrisha , of Deva-kshatra , of Bindu-mat , of Arjuna Ka1rtavirya) of a son of Bhatta-narayana , Kshittis of a teacher (= {madhva} or {ananda-tIrtha}) of a mountain (pl.) the race of Madhu (= the Yadavas or Mathuras) f. a partic. plant (= {jIvA} or {jIvantI}) L. ; n. anything sweet (esp. if liquid) , mead Soma (also {somyammadhu}) honey (said to possess intoxicating qualities and to be of 8 kinds {madhunoleha} m. licker of honey a bee milk or anything produced from milk (as butter , ghee &c.) RV. VS. Gr2S3rS. ; the juice or nectar of flowers any sweet intoxicating drink , wine or spirituous liquor sugar water pyrites N. of a Brahmana a kind of metre Col. [Cf. Gk. , $ , $ , Slav. {medu} ; Lith. &236803[779 ,3] {midus} , {medus} ; Germ , {meth} ; Eng. {mead}.]

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