Demiurge Names

Demiurge In Manicahaeanism: Demiourgos, the form giver, and procreated five personalities.
From his intelligence, he generated the Ornament of Splendour.
From his reason, he created the Great King of Honour.
From his thought, he made Adamas, the Sublime Diamond Light.
From his self reflection, he procreated the King of Glory.
And from his will, he shaped the Supporter
Cited from Website: Alexandria.
- i.e. the YHWH/Demiurge distinction, is the idea that the material universe was "not" created by the Supreme God (i.e. not YHWH, but the God of the New Testament - The Father), but rather by the "Demiurge" (Greek for "craftsman" ); an infererior deity (in some systems, an evil being because he created the evil, material, sensible world - he is identified with the Old Testament God YHWH, and most Gnostics despised Him). Although the philosophical idea of a Demiurge is rooted in the thought of Plato ( cf. Timaeus), the Gnostic notion is fundamentally different. Whereas in the Platonic system the Demiurge creates the world as a reflection of the heavenly Forms ( (Ideas, Ideal Types ) - thus, implying some inherent good in the material creation - the Gnostic system beholds the rabid evil of our decaying world and therefore concludes that such an "evil universe cannot be assigned to a good god." Thus, YHWH is perceived as a finite, imperfect god, and is futhermore accused of being an angry and terrible deity. http://www.rodsmith.org.uk/philosophy%20glossary/philosophy%20glossaryG-I.htm