Nishadha niSada m. a musical note (= {ni-SAda}) {niSadha}. 2 niSAda m. N. of a wild non-Aryan tribe in India (described as hunters , fishermen , robbers &c.) ; = {bhilla} , the Bheels a man of any degraded tribe , an out-caste (esp. the son of a Brahman by a Sudra woman) the progenitor of the Ni-shad (said to have sprung from the thigh of Vena) (in music) N. of the first (more properly the last or 7th) note of the gamut N. of a Kalpa {I}) f. N. of a female of the Ni-shad tribe ({-tva} n. {-karSu} (or {U} ?) N. of a region {-grAma} m. a village of the Ni-shad {-tva} n. state or condition of a Ni-shad -rASTra} n. the country of the Ni-shad (to the south-east of Madhya-desa) {-vat} m. = {niSAda} (in music) M {-saGgha} m. multitude or tribe of the Ni-shad Var. ;{-sthapati} m. chief of the Ni-shad ; {-strI} f. a Ni-shad woman 3 niSAda &c. see {ni-Sad}.