Anga Vena was a son of Anga and a descendant of the first Manu. He wanted a son: Anga made a big sacrifice. The demi-gods did not come. SB 4.13.35: Thus for the sake of a son for King Anga, they decided to offer oblations to Lord Vishnu, who is situated in the hearts of all living entities. SB 4.13.36: As soon as the oblation was offered in the fire, a person appeared from the fire altar wearing a golden garland and a white dress. He was carrying a golden pot filled with rice boiled in milk. SB 4.13.37: The King was very liberal, and after taking permission from the priests, he took the preparation in his joined palms, and after smelling it he offered a portion to his wife. SB 4.13.38: Although the Queen had no son, after eating that food, which had the power to produce a male child, she became pregnant by her husband, and in due course of time she gave birth to a son. SB 4.13.39: That boy was born partially in the dynasty of irreligion. His grandfather was death personified, and the boy grew up as his follower; he became a greatly irreligious person http://vedabase.net/sb/4/13/en1