Chi Terms

Chi uc lc.svg
In Taoism there is originally chaos known as Wu Chi to which order is then brought by two forces known as Tai and Chi which relate to Yin and Yang. This process is achieved by the 3 Pure Ones. The beginning is symbolized by 1) a flaming pearl, i.e. creation of the universe, then 2) a wish fulfilling ornament, Ru Yi and and then spread by 3) a fan. Chi leads to Tai Chi and is also written Qi as in Qi Long. It is known as the Cosmic Force, the Vital Force or the Life Force. In Greek Chi is 22nd letter of the alphabet with a gematria value of 600. Chi is often linked with Rho with a value of 100. Its equivalent in Cyrillic is Kha. Greek: Chi: Late Greek khi, from earlier khei http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ch%27i Khi Khruseos Golden