Sama sama 2 mf({A})n. (prob. originally identical with prec. cf. {samAna}) even , smooth , flat , plain , level , parallel ({karNa-s-} on a level with the ear ; {bhUmi-} or {bhUmeHsamaM-kR} to make level with the earth same , equal , similar , like , equivalent , like to or identical or homogeneous with (instr. e.g. {mayAsama} like to me ; or gen. , rarely abl.) , like in or with regard to anything (instr. gen. loc. , or {-tas} , or comp. ; {samaM-kR} , to make equal , balance always the same , constant , unchanged , fair , impartial towards (loc. or gen.) even (not odd ) , a pair having the right measure , regular , normal , right , straight ({samaM-kR} to put right or in order) equable , neutral , indifferent equally distant from extremes , ordinary , common , middling just , upright , good , straight , honest ib. ; easy , convenient full , complete , whole , entire m. peace (perhaps w.r. for {zama}) the point of intersection of the horizon and the meridian line N. of partic. zodiacal signs (esp. Vrisha , Karkata , Kanya , Vriscika , Makara , and Mina) a kind of straight line placed over a numerical figure to mark the process of extracting the square root (in music) a kind of time Samgit. a grass-conflagration a Jina Gal. N. of a son of Dharma of a son of Dhritarashtra of a king of the Nandi-vegas (v.l. {zama}) f. a year see {samA} {am}) n. level ground , a plain ({samebhUmyAH} on level ground equability , equanimity , imperturbability MBh. ; likeness , similarity , equality ({ena} equally , in the same manner right measure or proportion ({ena} , exactly , precisely settlement , compensation good circumstances a partic. figure , sameness of objects compared to one another (in geom.) a mean proportional segment (described as a fourth proportional to the two perpendiculars and the link or segment , and used for solving problems in a trapezium) = {samA} f. a year (see {pApa-s-} , {puNya-s-} , and {su-Sama}) ; ({samam}) ind. in like manner , alike , equally , similarly together with or at the same time with or in accordance with (instr. or comp.) just , exactly , precisely honestly , fairly [Cf. Gk. ] Lat. {similis} ; Germ. {same} , {-sam} ; Eng. {same}.]