Zakuni zakuni m. a bird (esp. a large bird L. = {gridhra} or {cilla} accord. to some a cock ) (in astronomy) N. of the first fixed {karaNa} (q.v.) N. of a Naga of an evil demon (son of Duh-saha) of an Asura (son of Hiranyaksha and father of Vrika) of the brother of queen Gandhari (and therefore the brother-in-law of Dhrita-rashtra and the Matula or maternal uncle of the Kuru princes ; as son of Subala , king of Gandhira , he is called Saubala ; he often acted as counsellor of Duryodhana , and hence his name is sometimes applied to an old officious relative whose counsels them to misfortune) M of a son of Vikukshi and grandson of Ikshvaku) of a son of Dasa-ratha of the great-grandfather of Asoka Rajat. du. N. of the Asvins ({i} or {I}) f. see below.