aurva 1 m. a descendant of Urva. of a Rishi (in later mythology he is called Aurva Bhargava as son of Cyavana and grandson of Bhrigu ; he is the subject of a legend told in MBh. i , 6802 ; there it is said that the sons of Kritavirya , wishing to destroy the descendants of Bhrigu in order to recover the wealth left them by their father , slew even the children in the womb ; one of the women of the family of Bhrigu , in order to preserve her embryo , secreted it in her thigh [{Uru}] , whence the child at its birth was named Aurva ; on beholding whom , the sons of Kritavirya were struck with blindness , and from whose wrath proceeded a flame that threatened to destroy the world , had not Aurva at the persuasion of the Bhargavas cast it into the ocean , where it remained concealed , and having the face of a horse ; Aurva was afterwards preceptor to Sagara and gave him the Agneyastram , with which he conquered the barbarians who invaded his possessions ; cf. {vaDavA-mukha} , {vaDavAgni}) N. of a son of Vasishtha Hariv. ({As}) m. pl.N. of a class of Pitris ({I}) f. a female descendant of Urva (mfn.) produced by or relating to the Rishi Aurva m. the submarine fire (cast into the ocean by Aurva Bhargava cf. above).