Flaming Pearl

In China the Flaming Pearl was associated with both the supreme spirit and with Kshitagarbha. The flaming pearl was often seen as a metaphor or symbol of spiritual perfection. In Taoism the flaming pearl is linked with the Primordial Heavenly Worthy. holds flaming pearl symbolizing creation of the Universee A pair of dragons chasing a round red object is often represented in Chinese art. The round object is variously described as the sun, the moon, the symbol of thunder rolling, the egg emblem of the dual influences of nature, or the pearl of potentiality. The pearl, chu in Chinese, is one of the Pa-Pao, or Eight Treasures, and a symbol of good augury. The magic wonder-working pearl is also one of the Sapta Ratna, or Seven Treasures, representing the paraphernalia of a Buddhist Chakravartin, or universal sovereign. The pearl is believed to be a charm against fire and is also very important in Buddhism, where it is referred to as cintamani and is seen as an emblem of the Bodhisattva Kshitigarba, who is represented as holding a precious pearl. A flaming pearl as a symbol of the Buddhist doctrine is also found on the tops of pagodas and Buddhist reliquaries. One Chinese legend also states it is an enormous magical pearl with the power to multiply whatever it touches. In ancient China it was believed to symbolize wisdom, the most precious treasure of all, as well as genius and good fortune. The flaming pearl is also seen as the moon or rolling thunder. In Buddhism, the Dragon Pearl symbolizes enlightenment and spiritual essence, and, as guardian of the flaming pearl, the dragon is the symbol of spiritual perfection and power. http://www.silkroadsgallery.com/enlargement/unique_antiques/unique_16437.html