vRSabha Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. (cf. {RSabha}) manly , mighty , vigorous , strong (applied like {vRSan} to animate and inanimate objects) A}) a bull (in Veda epithet of various gods , as of Indra , Brihas-pati , Parjanya &c. ; according to Say. = {varSayitR} , a showerer of bounties , benefactor) the chief , most excellent or eminent , lord or best among (in later language mostly ifc. , or with gen.) the zodiacal sign a partic. drug (described as a root brought from the Himalaya mountains , resembling the horn of a bull , of cooling and tonic properties , and serviceable in catarrh and consumption) the hollow or orifice of the ear N. of Dasad-yu RV. ; of an Asura slain by Vishnu {RS-}) ; of one of the sons of the 10th Manu of a warrior of a son of Kusagra {RS-}) ; of a son of Kartavirya (with Jainas) of the first Arhat of the present Avasarpini of a mountain in Giri-vraja (in astron.) of the 28th Muhurta ; ({A}) f. N. of the three lunar mansions (viz. of Magha , Purva-phalguni , and Uttaraphalguni) VP. (cf. {vIthi} of a river{I}). f. a widow Mucuna Pruriens

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