In some accounts Chaya (Chhaya) was the third wife of Surya. She cursed Yama and was mother of the Aswini twins. In connection with Aditya she has thee sons: Savarni Manu Sani (Saturn) Vishti Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary chAya m. granting shade (Siva) shadow reflection colour , complexion , beauty ({A4}) f. shade , shadow , a shady place ( a covered place , house the shadow of a gnomon shelter , protection a reflected image , reflection shading or blending of colours , play of light or colours , lustre , light , colour , colour of the face , complexion , features gracefulness , beauty a series , multitude ({paGkti}) a Sanskrit gloss on a Prakrit text a copy (of a MS.) ; a little (ifc.) nightmare a bribe Shadow , (like Samjna) wife of the sun and mother of the planet Saturn (N. of a Sakti) the sun a metre of 4 x 19 syllables a kind of rhetorical figure (in music) N. of a Raga N. of Katyayani (or Durga chAyAtanaya m. son of Chaya the planet Saturn