Bhauma also callled Naraka m. N. of a demon (son of Vishnu and Bhumi or the Earth , and therefore called Bhauma , haunting Prag-jyotisha and slain by Krishna) bhauma mf({I})n. relating or dedicated to the earth , produced or coming from the earth , earthly , terrestrial (with {naraka} m. = hell on earth with {brahman} n. = the Veda consisting or made of earth , earthy coming from the land (as revenue &c.) (fr. {bhauma} , the planet Mars) relating to the planet Mars or to his day , falling on Tuesday m. a red-flowering Punar-nava = {ambara} N. of the 27th Muhurta metron. of a partic. earth-deity GrS. of Atri RAnukr. of the Daitya Naraka of the planet Mars (whose day is Tuesday) ({I}) f. produced from the earth N. of Sita n. dust of the earth (pl.) corn , grain (only ifc.) floor , story

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