cyavana Cyavana: A great sage and one of the sons of Bhrgu Muni. He was born prematurely when his pregnant mother was kidnapped. Cyavana is one of the six sons of his father. http://www.bvml.org/books/SB/01/19.html Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary: mfn. moving , moved causing to move , shaking promoting delivery (a {mantra}) m. one who causes to move , shaker N. of a demon causing diseases (later form for {cyavAna}) N. of a Rishi (son of Bhrigu , author of RV. x , 19) (father of Ricika of an astronomer of a physician of the author of a law-book (see {-smRti}) of a Saptarshi in the 2nd Manv-antara (v.l. {niz-cy-}) of a son (of Su-hotra , n. motion ; the being deprived of (in comp.) falling from any divine existence for being re-born as a man Jain. dying Buddh. trickling , flowing. ; cf. {duz-cyavana}. 4 cyavAna mfn. (pr. p.{cyu}) , moving , active (with {tRSu}) ; m ; (= {cyavana}) N. of a Rishi (restored to youth by the Asvins) m. du. active the arms