05. Simha

Simha In the Indian system, Leo (Simha) rules over the Nakshatras: 10. Maka 1-2-3-4 11. Pubba 1-2-3-4 12. Uttara 1 Mantra Sounds o au http://sarbani.com/mantra/mantra_rashi_chakra.htm Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: siMha m. (ifc. f. {A} ; prob. fr. {sah}) the powerful one a lion (also identified with {Atman}) RV. &c. &c. the zodiacal sign Leo or its Lagna VarBr2S. MarkP. a hero or eminent person (ifc. = chief or lord of , to express excellence of any kind ; cf. {puruSa-s-} , {rAja-s-} , and the similar use of {RSabha} , {vyAghra} &c. ; sometimes also = prince , king e.g. {nAga-pura-s-} , the king of Naga-pura ; cf. {siMhadvAr} and {siMhAsana}) a partic. form of temple a partic. place prepared for the building of a house a Moringa with red flowers (= {rakta-zigru}) (in music) a kind of tune Samgit. the symbol or emblem of the 24th Arhat of the present Avasarpini N. of a son of Krishna of a king of the Vidya-dharas Kathas. of a king (the father of Sahi-deva) of the Venkata mountain (with {AcArya}) of an astronomer V of various other persons Buddh. a partic. mythical bird {A}) f. a partic. grass or plant (= {nADI}) {I}) f. see below. 5. Simha- August 17 to September 17 Planetary Ruler: Surya, Meaning: the Best, Lion, Attitude: Warm, Lucky Gem: Ruby Positive Traits: Idealistic, powerful, individualistic, virile, leaders, independent, loyal, reliable, protective, energetic, dynamic, positive, creative, ambitious, courageous, enthusiastic, broadminded, and tolerant. Negative traits: rigid, egoistic, selfish, pompous, lazy, snobbish, arrogant and self- opinionated http://www.komilla.com/pages/Column-July.html