Salmalidvipa zAlmali mf. (or {-lI} , f. ; cf. {zalmali}) the Seemul or silk-cotton tree , Bombax Heptaphyllum or Salmalia Malabarica (a lofty and thorny tree with red flowers ; its thorns are supposed to be used for torture in one of the hells [cf. {kUta-z-}] , or it may stand for the N. of that hell) Mn. MBh. &c. one of the 7 Dvipas or great divisions of the known continent (so called from the above tree said to grow there ; it is surrounded by the sea of ghee or clarified butter) MBh. Pur. patr. of a man (f. {-lyA}) g. {krauDyAdi} N. of a son of Avikshit MBh. of another man descended from Agasti Hcat. ; ({I}) f. see below.

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