Kamboja Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: kamboja {As} m. pl.N. of a people and its country m. the king of this people a shell a species of elephant L. (cf. {kAmboja}.) 2 kAmboja mfn. (fr. {kamboja} g. {sindhv-Adi} and {kacchAdi}) born in or coming from Kamboja (as horses) m. a native of Kamboja (a race who , like the Yavanas , shave the whole head ; originally a Kshatriya tribe , but degraded through its omission of the necessary rites) a prince of the Kambojas a horse of the Kamboja breed As}) m. pl.N. of a people= Kamboja the plant Rottleria tinctoria (commonly Punnag) a kind of white Mimosa ({I}) f. the plant Glycine debilis L. ; a kind of Mimosa the tree Abrus precatorius the plant Serratula anthelminthica 3 kambojAdi m. N. of a gana 4 kAmbojaka mfn. born in or coming from Kamboja g. {kacchAdi} ({ikA}) f. the white Abrus. 5 kambojamuNDa mfn. bald like a Kamboja g. {mayUra-vyaMsakAdi}

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