1 skandha
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
m. (accord. to Un2. iv , 206 , from {skand} in the sense of rising ?) the shoulder , upper part of the back or region from the neck to the shoulder-joint (in men and animals) the stem or trunk of a tree (esp. that part of the stem where the branches begin) a large branch or bough a troop , multitude , quantity , aggregate (cf. {kari-} , {nara-sk-}) a part , division (esp. a division of an army or a form of military array) a chapter , section (of a book , system a tract , path , region (esp. of the winds , said to be seven (in phil.) the five objects of sense (see {viSaya}) (with Buddhists) the five constituent elements of being (viz. {rUpa} , bodily form {vedanA} sensation {saMjJA} perception {saMskAra} aggregate of formations {vijJAna} consciousness or thought-faculty (with Jainas) the body (in the widest sense = {piNDa}) a partic. form of the Arya metre a king , prince any article used at the coronation of a king (as a jar filled with consecrated water , an umbrella &c.) a sage , teacher war , battle an engagement , agreement a heron equality of height in the humps of a pair of draught oxen = {samparAya} and {bhadrAdi} N. of a serpent-demon of a poet often w.r. for {skanda} ({A}) f. a branch a creeper

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