saMjJA perception Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: mwd) saMjJA f. (ifc. f. {A}) agreement , mutual understanding , harmony consciousness , clear knowledge or understanding or notion or conception a sign , token , signal , gesture (with the hand , eyes {saMjJAm-kR} or{dA} , to give a signal direction (in {a-kRtas-} , one who has received no direction a track , footstep a name , appellation , title , technical term (ifc. = called , named ) in gram.) the name of anything thought of as standing by itself , any noun having a special meaning ({saMjJAyAm} therefore denotes [used] in some peculiar sense rather than in its strictly etymological meaning e.g. as a proper name) a technical expression in grammar (see {-sUtra}) ; (with Buddhists) perception (one of the 5 Skandhas q.v.) N. of the Gayatri (q.v of a partic. high number Buddh. N. of a daughter of Tvashtri or Visva-karman (the wife of the Sun and mother of Manu , Yama and Yami) .

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