Sunashepa was the son of the Rishi Ajigarta. Devarata was supposed to be sacrificed and tried to avoid it. Sunashepa offered to be sacrificed in his stead. At the very last minute Indra intervened. Sunashepa was spared. In his place Devarata as Rohita as a red doe was sacrificed. The Visvâmitra, the great Rishi, already the father of a hundred sons, adopted Sunashepa as his eldest son, and cursed in advance, as a precaution, any mortal who refused to recognize him as the ¬ishi’s eldest son and the legitimate heir to the throne of King Ambarîsha. By reason of this decree, Sunashepa was born in his next incarnation in the royal family of Ayodhyâ and reigned over the Solar race for 84,000 years. See: The Blue Lotus,. 1890. cf. Sacrifice of Isaac

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