Manasa is a snake goddess born from the mind of Rudra and associated with lake Manasovara at the foot of Mount Kailash. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mAnasa mf({I} , once {A})n. (fr. {manas}) belonging to the mind or spirit , mental , spiritual (opp. to {zArirA} , corporeal) expressed only in the mind , performed in thought i.e. silent , tacit (as a hymn or prayer) conceived or present in the mind , conceivable , imaginable R. ; relating to or dwelling on the lake Manasa m. a form of Vishnu N. of a serpent-demon of a son of Vapush-mat pl. a partic. class of deceased ancestors (regarded as sons of Vasishtha) a class of ascetics N. of the Vaisyas in Skadvipa of the worlds of the Soma-pa I}) f. (with {pUja}) mental or spiritual devotion (opp. to {mUrti-p-} , adoration of images) N. of a Kim-nari of a Vidya-devi (ifc. f. {A}) the mental powers , mind , spirit , heart , soul (= {manas} g. {prajJAdi}) (in law) tacit or implied consent a kind of salt the 25th mansion from that under which one is born (with or scil {saras} , or {tIrtha}) N. of a sacred like and place of pilgrimage on mount Kailasa (the native place of the wild geese , which migrate to it every year at the breeding season) N. of wk. on Silpa or art. Cf. Manasa-sarovara