14 Precious Things

14 Precious Things at Creation Kamadhenu, the cow, who could grant any wish to those who drank her milk; Airavatha, the one and only white elephant; Uchaisravas, the swift horse; Panchajanya, the great conch; and finally, Lakshmi, the beautiful Goddess of Wealth. Among these principles of existence, the most potent are those of Life (Amrta) and Death (mrta). And between these two extremes, another twelve virtuous Gems (Ratna) emerged in turn from the foam. Then the Flying Horse, the Magic Moon, the Sky Chariot, the Vibrant Lyre, the nymph Rambha, Lakshmi (good Fortune), Vishvakarma (the divine Architect), Dhanvantari (the divine Healer), Gajaraja (the divine Elephant), the famous Kaustubha Jewel, the divine Conch, the enchanting Varuni, and finally the coveted Vessel of Immortality ~ the Amrta Kumbha. Cited from the Churning of the Ocean.