War in Heaven Terms

In the West, especially in the Christian tradition there is a War in Heaven where archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael remove Satan (Lucifer, Belial) from the heavens. Satan is described as a Great Dragon. There are parallel stories among the Mandaeans re: Yushamin (Peacock Angel) (i.e. between the First Life - Second Life (gnosticism, cabala); in Islam re: Iblis and related stories in Persia against Azi Zohaka and in the struggles of Ahura Mazda against Ahriman. There is also a war in Heaven in China with the Jade Emperor and with Xing Tiang under the Yellow Emperor.. In the Christian tradition. there is an explicit link with 08 November and also with the idea of a 9 day struggle -- a period also found in the East. One conjecture would be that this war in heaven recalls an ancient event whereby the great serpent or dragon of the sky was cut in two and became Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda (or rahu and Ketu in Sanksrit). If so, then the Christian story is one version of a more cosmic theme of the triumph of Light over darkness.
The Trojan War also had a war in the heavens, whereby the older gods took the side of Greece while the newer generation of Gods took the side of Troy: i.e. Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Hephaestus vs. Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite Apollo is of particular interest because he is connected with the 5 mystical days of creation when there was a shift from a calendar of 360 days to 365 days, i.e a shift from a lunar to a solar calendar. There are reasons to believe that this a reflection of something much older. The shift from 10 to 12 signs of the zodiac smay have occured in India in the period c.16,000 B.C. to 11,502 B.C. (q.v.). In terms of big picture, one dimension of the war in haven was a shift from: Eternity -Time whereby deities such as Kala, Zurvan and Chronos became central to developments. These changes came as a schism occured between the old school (Hinayana, Theravada) and a new school of religion (Mahayana, Vajrayana). An important dimension of this so called schism was a shift from book Instruction to Spiritual Instruction, a shift from Buddha to Bodhidharma within Buddhism. At a deeper level this entailed a trend towards mystery religions. This was a trend: Dead-Letter Form of Worship - Mystical Worship. This leads to tantrism, to mystery religions (e.g. Mithra) and to the Christian preference of spirit vs. law. Notes: War in Heaven. When Soma (moon) elopes with Tara, wife of Brihaspati (Jupiter), it causes a War in Heaven—a war between gods and demons. Usanas (Venus) or Shukracharya (leader of the danavas) is on the side of Soma, Brihaspati or Jupiter is the symbol of exoteric or dead-letter form of worship, or ritualistic worship. Soma is the mystery god and presides over the mystic and spiritual nature in man and universe. He is concerned with rebirth of man as a spiritual being. Tara, wife of Brihaspati, is shown as one who is wedded to dogmatic worship, yet longs for true wisdom. Thus, she represents spiritual aspiration. Soma eloping with Tara implies Soma initiating her into the occult mysteries, and their union leads to the birth of Budha, or Mercury, or Hermes in Greek mythology, which represents esoteric Wisdom. Do Myths have Meaning? cf. http://www.theosophytrust.org/tlodocs/articlesSymbol.php?d=Mercury.htm&p=71 Brihaspati +Tara Soma + Tara = Budha Jupiter Moon Shukra In the West: In the 15th century though it was estimated that 133,306,668 angels fell from the Heavens in a total of 9 days according to the Bishop of Tusculum (c. 1273), and this was reaffirmed by Alphonso de Spina (c. 1460). http://www.steliart.com/angelology_fallen_heavens_war.html Tara personifies mystic knowledge as opposed to ritualistic faith. She is the mother (by Soma) of Buddha, "Wisdom ". http://www.experiencefestival.com/tara_dictionary Gods , Indra, Brahma, Jupiter vs. Moon, Asuras, Danavas, Daityas Sage Ushana or Venus Shiva cut Soma into 2 Pieces North -East As per Indian Astrology, Jupiter is friendly with Sun, Mars and Moon and enemy with Saturn, Mercury and Venus.

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