Aksa akSa 1 m. an axle , axis (in this sense also n. L.) ; a wheel , car , cart the beam of a balance or string which holds the pivot of the beam a snake terrestrial latitude (cf. {-karNa} , {-bhA} , {-bhAga}) the collar-bone the temporal bone N. of a measure (= 104 angula) [cf. Lat. {axis} ; Gk. $ ; Old Germ. {ahsa} ;[3,1] Mod. Germ. {Achse} ; Lith. {assis}.] 2 akSa 2 m. ( 1. {az} Un2.) a die for gambling ; a cube ; a seed of which rosaries are made (cf. {indrAkSa} , {rudrAkSa}) the Eleocarpus Ganitrus , producing that seed ; a weight called {karSa} , equal to 16 mashas Beleric Myrobalan (Terminalia Belerica) , the seed of which is used as a die ; a N. of the number 5 ; ({am}) n. sochal salt ; blue vitriol (from its cube-like crystals) L. 3 akSa 3 n. an organ of sense ; sensual perception L. ; m. the soul L. ; knowledge , religious knowledge a lawsuit a person born blind N. of Garuda of a son of Ravana ; of a son of Nara , &c. 4 akSa 4 5 akSa 4 n. [only ifc. (f. %{I}) for {akSi}] , the eye. 6 AkSa mfn. (fr. 1. {akSa}) belonging or referring to terrestrial latitude