Sudas Sudas was the leader of one such group and he was also known as Baijavanan. He was very strong and mighty. He waged war and won over the other groups and established a big rajya and crowned himself the King. http://www.chennaionline.com/columns/Lifehistory/history06.asp Vasishtha was counselor at his court. sudAs mfn. (prob. fr. a {dAs} = {dAz}) worshipping the gods well (bestowing rich gifts Say.) RV. (compar. {-tara} ib.) ; m. N. of a celebrated king of the Tritsus (son of Divo-das , at whose court both Vasishtha and Visvamitra appear to have acted as family priests ; Sudas Paijavana is regarded as the author of RV.

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