Saha saha mf({A})n. powerful , mighty RV. ; (ifc.) overcoming , vanquishing bearing , enduring , withstanding , defying , equal to , a match for (gen. or comp.) causing , effecting , stimulating , exerting ; able to , capable of (inf. cr comp.) m. the month Margasrsha (see {sahas}) a partic. Agni a species of plant of a son of Manu of a son of Prana and Usjasvati of a son of Dhritar1shira of a son of Krishna and Madri f. the earth L. ; (with Buddhists) N. of a division of the world (with {loka-dhAtu} , ` the world inhabited by men ) N. of various plants (accord. to L. = Aloe Perfoliata , %{daNDopatA} , {rAsnA} &c.) Unguis Odoratus L. ; n. = {bala} L. ; kind of salt