Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
m. the lunar race of kings (2nd great line of royal dynasties , the progenitor of which was Soma the Moon , child of the Rishi Atri and father of Budha [Mercury cf. {candra-ja}] ; the latter married Ila , daughter of the solar king Ikshvaku , and had by her a son , Aila or Pururavas ; this last had a son by Urvasi , named Ayus , from whom came Nahusha , father of Yayati ; the latter had two sons , Puru and Yadu , from whom proceeded the two branches of the lunar line ; in that of Yadu was born Krishna and Bala-rama ; in that of Puru came Dushyanta , hero of the Sakuntala and father of the great Bharata ; 9th from Bharata came Kuru , and 14th from him Santanu , who had a son Vicitra-virya and a step-son Vyasa ; the latter married the two widows of his half-brother , and had by them Dhritarashtra and Pandu , the wars of whose sons form the subject of the MBh.) (cf. {sUrya-v-}.) Branch 1 Branch 2 Puru Yadu Dushyanta Krishna Balarama Dushyanta Bharata 9 Kuru 14 Santanu Vicitravirya stepson Vyasa Dhritaratsta Pandu