Kukshi kukSi m. [f. L.] the belly , cavity of the abdomen (in the earlier language generally used in du. the interior of anything the womb a cavity in general (e.g. {adri-kukSi} cavity of a mountain a valley (with {sAgara} or {samudra}) an ocean-cavity i.e. a bay , gulf the sheath of a sword steel N. of a son of Priya-vrata and Kamya of Bali of a king of a son of Ikshvaku and father of Vikukshi of a teacher of a region g. {dhUmAdi} , ({is}) f. N. of a daughter of Priyavrata and Kamya1 [cf. Lat. {coxa} , {coxendix} ; Gk. $? Old Germ. {buh} ; Mod. Germ. {Bauch}.]