Vida Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: 1 viDa m. n. a kind of salt (either factitious salt , procured by boiling earth impregnated with saline particles , or a partic. kind of fetid salt used medicinally as a tonic aperient , commonly called Vit-lavan or Bit-noben cf. {viD-lavaNa} ; it is black in colour and is prepared by fusing fossil silt with a small portion of Emblic Myrobalan , the product being muriate of soda with small quantities of muriate of lime , sulphur , and oxide of iron) Sus3r. ; m. N. of a country and its king Inscr. ; a fragment , bit , portion (?) W. 2 vida mfn. = prec. (cf. {ko-} , {trayI-} , {dvi-v-}) ; m. knowledge , discovery (cf. {dur-v-}) ; m. N. of a man (cf. {bida}). 3 vidA P. {-dadAti} , to give out , distribute , grant R. 4 vidA (or {do} , not separable fr. 4. {dA}) P.{-dAti} , or {-dyati} (ind. p. {-ditya}) , to cut up , cut to pieces , bruise , pound VS. ; to untie , release , deliver from (abl.) S3Br. ; to destroy Hariv. In the coptic alphabet the letter Wida or Bida or vida corresponds to Beta and is the 2nd letter of the alphabet.