Apam-Napat means god of fresh waters and grandson of the waters.
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary
apAMnapAt [RV. VS.] or m. grandson of the waters. N. of Agni or fire as sprung from water. 2 apAMnapAt &c. see 2. {ap}.

Apam Napat: Child of the Waters The pre-Zoroastrian Varun a is still invoked in the yasna service as Apam Napat



Here in Baku, this minaret which was connected with Babylon by my guide is a combined Aatash Kadeh and minaret in this huge building. In fact, this was not a common Aatash Kadeh where fire was kept lit with sandalwood or dried wood, but was naturally lit by the natural gases of Naphtha (Apaam Napaat).



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