Danu danu f. N. of a daughter of Daksha (by Kasyapa [or {danAyU} mother of the Danavas) m. N. of a son of SrI (also called Danava ; originally very handsome , but changed into a monster [{kabandha}] by Indra for having offended him) 2 dAnu mfn. liberal, courageous m. prosperity , contentment L. ; air , wind L. 3 dAnu 2 mfn. valiant , victor , conqueror m. a class of demons (cf. {dAnava}) n. a fluid , drop , dew ({-nas@patI} m. duN. of Mitra-Varuna or of the Asvins cf. {Ardra-} , {jIra-}). Danu or Dana, also called Anu or Ana, was the mother goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann (peoples of the goddess Danu. Quoted from website wikipedia: Danu Danu, Creatrix of all Fae Danu also = Danube River

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